Welcome to our new project for 2022!

Some count countries. Others count years. We wanted to count something else.

Travel is about so much more than sites and food and history and photography… it’s about experiences.

We’re on a mission to add more meaningful experiences to our lives (we sound like true Millennials, don’t we? 😂), and to distill the many lessons therein to fellow travelers and travel dreamers like you!

What qualifies as an “experience”?

  1. Every experience must be travel-related (life throws plenty of its own experiences for us to seek out more there 😉).
  2. Every experience must be memorable.. which is why we’ll only share them after a week or two has passed to ensure they left a lasting impression.
  3. Every experience must elicit an emotional response (closely related to #2).
  4. Every experience must have a story to it. If there’s no story, we won’t have much to share, now will we?
  5. Preferably, every experience will have photo evidence or at least have been photo-worthy.

Come join us as we embark on an amazing journey of a 1000 experiences all around the world!

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