A Taste of Ghent’s Graffiti Alley

Do you have any interesting street art near you?

We stumbled upon this colorful alley simply by happenstance while walking through the quaint city of Ghent. A haven for street artists, this short stretch is constantly changing as new paint is added day after day. This is an open canvas in a “graffiti-friendly” city.


While we aren’t fans of graffiti when it vandalizes historical structures, we love murals and other sanctioned street art. A place like this provides an outlet for those talented with a spray can, and we can appreciate their expression in what would otherwise be a drab alley.


We overheard a walking tour where someone explained the difference between graffiti and street art: the former predominantly features a name or symbol while the latter is artwork with characters and stories.

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4 thoughts on “A Taste of Ghent’s Graffiti Alley

  1. In answer to your opening question… yes. Bristol, home of Banksy, there is a fabulous culture of street art and graffiti. I have posted in excess of 2,000 pieces on my blog. Come and pay a visit sometime.

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