A Taste of Brussels

What place to you want to revisit to see something you missed?

After several days of rain, we finally got out to see the beautiful city of Brussels, Belgium. Full of remarkable architecture and beautiful parks, there’s no shortage of things to see.

We walked from the main central square – a hub of commerce surrounded by gilded guildhalls (see what I did there?) – all the way out to a massive park with an underground highway and a dominating triple-arched gate. Also, the capital of the EU, it’s an impressive city to be sure!

We almost missed Brussels entirely. While in Ghent, we had the choice between Brussels and Bruges. Based on some local advice that the latter was fairly similar to Ghent, we opted for the more varied city. We love that we had some time there (even if we were sleeping on a ridiculous heart-shaped bed while there), but we’d love to return and check out Bruges on another trip.


And no, we didn’t have any Brussels sprouts while we were there, but we DID have lots of fries with a multitude of toppings. Surprise! THIS is where “french fries” actually originate – not France. But silly Americans fighting the war in this city believed themselves to be so far south they thought they were in France – thus the name.


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6 thoughts on “A Taste of Brussels

  1. Yes, our Belgian friends often remind us that fries are Belgian and not French, though, between you and me, they’re delicious in both countries. Shhh… 🙂

    I was an exchange student in Wallonia as a teenager and have been back to Belgium a few times since. Do get back to Bruges at some point. It’s gorgeous.

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    1. Oh, we’ll certainly be back! We keep joking that this world trip is merely a “sampler platter” of the earth… It helps us figure out what places we like best so we can return and spend more time there! We keep crossing things off our bucket lists while adding so many more!

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