A Taste of the Prime Meridian

What famous “divider” have you visited? The equator? The Great Divide? The Panama Canal?

While in London, we couldn’t see ourselves so close without actually hopping the river to visit Greenwich, the official home of the Prime Meridian. After a long day of Shoreditch, Leadenhall, St. Dunstan’s, and the Garden at 120, we debated even going – but I’m glad we did!


We read that there’s an entry fee to the official observatory and “The Line,” so we resigned ourselves to just aligning ourselves on the other side of the fence (we were still trying to recover our finances from Africa and were real cheapskates).


However, it seems our compass app on our phones are not as precise as we had hoped. We had no line to guide us, so we merely walked until the compass read 0″ …or we tried to. We got to 1″ west and inched east.. until the needle finally changed.. to 1″ east. We went back and forth, but we never could get it to read 0! We finally gave up and took a picture of our feet at an approximate middle.


As we were leaving, we noticed others walking through a gate to an official line on the wall and ground, just outside the observatory. We felt so silly. We gladly took the opportunity to take a few more official-looking photos (at no cost!). One more checked off the bucket list!

It was well worth the trip, even if we couldn’t visit the observatory this time (something to look forward to!). And the sunset views of downtown London was the cherry on top of the evening.


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