Any other travel photographers out there fall behind in their photos?

Wait, what?  “The rest of Europe”?  Alright, folks… We have fallen SOO far behind in our posts that we’re beginning to get some confusion from our readers.

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Istanbul to London to Patagonia to Ireland???

Just to clarify, we are no longer in Europe… and we haven’t been now for about a month. I know! We’re terribly behind!! We are actually in Argentina’s Patagonia! Be sure to follow us on social media for the most recent daily excitement!

To get everything back on track with our current happenings, we’re jumping forward with our pictures – posting more recent things with some intermittent flashbacks so you don’t miss out!

Sinaia, Romania

We still have SO MANY pictures (almost 15 THOUSAND, in fact) from Europe, but we’ll be old and grey before we can share them all. Look forward to highlights coming soon, including Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Romania, and Turkey!

In the meantime, we’ll be sharing some of our more recent stories from South America and the breathtakingly beautiful Patagonia 🙂

Istanbul, Turkey

Stay tuned!

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    1. Thank you! Geez… our favorite, favorite? That’s really tough! I loved Cologne, Germany, and I couldn’t get enough of Istanbul, Turkey. However, I think my favorite would be one of the cities in Croatia. Which one? Again, not sure.. I could return to Zadar, Omis, Dubrovnik… – any of them really – in a heartbeat!

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