As another year draws to a close, we realize we’re that much closer to our departure.  In conversation, we’re now saying “in about a year.”  That’s crazy!  We usually plan for smaller trips about a year out, so things are getting serious now!

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As you know, we have been considering countries with our country profiles.  This gives us a good overview of each potential candidate and allows us to evaluate each on a somewhat level playing field.  We still have a lot to review; there are so many options.  And unfortunately, profiles are making it harder to decide as we’re all the more anxious to visit everywhere!

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But we’re beginning to form a rough plan.

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There are some visas that can only be obtained while living in the States.  Therefore, it makes the most sense for us to start with those countries.  One such country is Brazil.  Iguazu Falls is high on our list, so we might start with South America.

From there, we either head toward Southeast Asia and spend some time in Thailand, China, Japan – or we go the other direction and visit the fauna-rich Africa.  The former would allow us to spend adequate time in a ridiculously affordable area without feeling rushed at the end of our journey.  But the latter might make more sense for the seasons, depending on when we actually depart.

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It’s all up in the air for now, but it’s exciting that even the faint hints of a plan are beginning to materialize.

And we’re excited to share this ultimate adventure with you.  Stay tuned for more planning as we figure these things out, and look forward to more of our smaller excursions in the meantime.  As always, we welcome your comments and thoughts below, and follow us on your social media outlet of choice.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2017

I hope your year similarly brought exciting adventures, and we wish you a wonderful new year!

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  1. Sounds like an exciting time! I remember when we were a year out, having the bare bones of a plan is when it starts to feel real. I just paid $1 for dinner in Cambodia, so you’re right out the affordable SE Asia! Do you plan on seeing Australia? It’s where we’re thinking of going next

    1. Hi Zac, yes! We are quite excited. And Australia is certainly on the list. I was thinking about doing a country profile on Oz in the coming weeks. I actually lived there with my family for two years, so it would be a bit nostalgic, but we were out in the middle of the donga, so it would be a different experience to live in one of the more populated (and attractive) areas 🙂

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