What if your travel funded itself?

What if your travel funded itself?

Get started with the easiest and fastest passive income model to pay for your trips!

Fund Your Travels with Affiliates!

Recommend products to your friends and earn commissions. Whether you love a particular brand, you want to sell someone else's digital product, or you want to create an Amazon affiliates store, this workshop will show you how to get started!
usually $97

Don't just trade hours for dollars

Why not get paid while you travel?

Most of us were taught that getting a job is the only way to earn income.  That we're paid by the hour, and when we aren't working, we aren't getting paid. So we wait for the weekend, wait for our precious two weeks of vacation, wait for retirement to finally travel and enjoy our lives. Why wait? We teach over 30 ways to earn income while you travel inside our Unlimited Travelers Club membership, but this is our most popular and the fastest means toward cash in your pocket!

Why Affiliates?

  • this is the easiest form of income to get started with - you don't need a website or following, just a brand or product you love!
  • you don't have to create any products or maintain any inventory from the road - you're selling what someone else has created
  • once set up, income is completely passive, so you continue to earn while you're traveling - even if you don't have any service

Affiliates Income Workshop

Start earning with affiliates in less than an hour

This workshop will walk you through how to get started, what you need, how to promote, and where to find the best affiliate programs

What's Included?


how-to checklist when starting from scratch


resources for the best travel affiliate programs


ways to promote your affiliates with or without a website


how to create an Amazon affiliate shop

$100s of potential earnings!

Get started with the easiest passive income stream and earn while you travel!

Countless products and services you can turn into passive income to fund your travels

Only $37!

(less than a dinner for two)
usually $97
Start just one new affiliate income stream, and it can pay for itself after one month!

We used to think we had to be rich to travel, but months on the road taught us otherwise!

We are Aaron and Brianna.  We put off traveling for years because we didn't think it was affordable.   We know better now, and by cutting travel costs and earning remote income, we've made travel truly sustainable!   We've already done the work for you by sifting through the various income streams to find the easiest to get you started.   Teaching English isn't the only way to fund your travels.  Set up affiliate income, and earn indefinitely!

Make your travels sustainable!

Fund your travels with affiliates!

Remote Income Workshop

Your next exciting journey awaits!