What to expect traveling to Norway

This week we are heading to Norway and working through the last details before beginning our adventure. As this is being written, we are finalizing what is going into our bags and making sure we have everything we need. Norway is a little different than most trips as we are car camping. Here are some of the things we are considering while planning the last minute details of our trip.

Jotunheimen National Park, NorwayPhoto by Kristoffer Trolle Creative Commons


As we will be driving around at multiple altitudes and hiking even higher, we will have to pack some layers with us to make sure that we don’t freeze at the top of a mountain or fry at lower altitudes. The weather is supposed to be pretty mild in Oslo and Bergen over the next ten days. However some of the higher altitude hikes will be very different with colder air and wind. We also do not want to get stranded so we will have appropriate gear.

Stranded in Costa Rica


Driving in Costa Rica was pretty simple as we know some basic Spanish. Norwegian isn’t really taught our in our schools, so it will be helpful to practice some simple words and learn the road signs a bit. Many will be self descriptive but it will be good to know the basics for our safety. From my research they appear to be pretty easy to follow there and we shouldn’t have any trouble.

Driving in Costa Rica


Some of the hikes in Norway are pretty involved and can take 8-12 hours to complete. So for the past month, we have been working on getting in better shape so we have no issues ascending to Trolltunga or Besseggen. Before we go on these hikes, we need to make sure we have enough water, food, and some emergency supplies in case someone gets hurt or an unexpected storm comes rolling in. We plan to check the weather before doing any of these hikes and wear the proper layers. Of course we will have our cameras being especially mindful of weight. Brianna will post her pretty photos when we get back.

Brianna hanging over the edge of a beautiful Pacific Northwest waterfall | BIGtinyWorld Travel

Supplies Upon Arrival

When we get to Norway, we will need to pick up some essential supplies for our camping adventure. The main ones are fuel for our camping stove, a small amount of local currency, large water bottles, and food. As we will be departing from Oslo, the options get more and more limited after you leave and head north. We are bringing a lot of food with us as it is expensive in Norway.


In Norway there are National Tourist Routes which are somewhat planned driving routes to many scenic areas. Since we are car camping, we can stop off at some of the most scenic locations and put up our tents for the night. This website will help us figure out where we want to go, what hikes we want to do, and really get the most out of our trip. This will make our driving more efficient, especially with gasoline nearly double the price in the U.S. at $7.41 per gallon. Yikes!

National Scenic Route Norway

Travel Lodging Hack

Upon arrival we are going to be staying with a local couchsurfing host to save on cost before we embark on our journey. The host has even offered to let us join him at a gathering for dinner and drinks, which is very generous when some just offer a place to sleep. We will gladly bring a local-to-our-hometown gift and help contribute to the gathering.

Beginning this year, we have hosted three couchsurfers to build up our experience and ratings before going abroad. Each time we have hosted, it has been very positive and inspirational. We do our best to give the guest opportunities to see things locally that only the residents know about. From non-established hiking trails to secret spots on the beach, we have sometimes challenged the boundaries of our guests but it was all worth it.

Waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge

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Leaving Tomorrow

We are leaving very soon (hours) and are incredibly excited about the trip. It has been a little nerve-wracking to get everything packed, make sure it doesn’t weight too much, omitting what we really don’t need, and thinking about all of our critical items. But we got that done early and are just tying up the loose ends. We cannot wait to show you the beauty of this country in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

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