Norway: Epic Road Trip

The Drive


Driving in Norway was easier than we thought it would be. The road signs were easy to follow and many times we had the road all to ourselves. Doing a car camping road trip through the country was very peaceful compared to anything we’ve ever done in the U.S. or in Costa Rica. It was hard to believe we drove over 2,000 km, but some of the best views were right off the road. Why do a 20 km hike for one view, when you can drive for a thousand? Here were some of our best views.

Snowy Lake in Norway

Epic Beauty

What is nice about driving around Norway is the beauty never stops. Unless you are in a view-stealing tunnel for 11 km, which we did many times. Once you are through you can be pleasantly surprised with what is on the other side. The reflections were crazy, and we saw so many incredible views that we were in overload mode most of the time. Whoa!

Reflective Fjord Norway

This next viewpoint is right off the road. You can see it continue to zig-zag down the mountain. If you look closely, you can see Aaron with his arms out posing on the viewing platform.

Epic Mountain Viewpoint Norway


The goats were everywhere and were so cute. They seemed to practically walk right up to you and were very friendly. The goat cheese is amazing here.

Norway Goats


As we are from Oregon, we are used to waterfalls. However, the ones in Norway were so much more furious and plentiful. You can pull off the road and see either one major one like this, or even twenty smaller ones streaming between mountains into the fjords below.

Norway Langfossen

Video: Norway – Driving Through Beautiful

We mounted a camera on the car to show you some of our drive. Enjoy!

Have you ever driven in Norway? What did you enjoy most?

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5 thoughts on “Norway: Epic Road Trip

  1. The trip was completely awesome! We look forward to driving in many other countries during our big trip next year.

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