Glaciers and Landscapes of Norway

After packing for colder weather, we found a Norway that was unseasonably warm in May. So to get somewhere cold we had to go up in altitude and latitude. We couldn’t believe the views we saw and had to keep stopping to get more pictures as we went. When we thought we saw the most beautiful place possible, something better was just around the corner. Norway will always have a special place in our hearts, and this is why.

Pristine Norway



With only a 15 minute walk from the car, we ventured to the Kjenndalen Glacier, which was our first glacier in Norway. Waterfalls were streaming from both sides of the icy glacier valley. It was a pretty easy hike and well worth it. Since it was the first glacier, it was amazingly impressive, especially the part way in the back where we first saw blue ice.


Near the end of our trip, we stopped at Nigardsbreen Glacier which completely blew our minds. The hike was longer and much more difficult, but nothing we couldn’t handle.  This one allowed us to easily get close to the blue ice and right next to a giant chunk of glacier.

The moment we arrived completely took our breath away and made us humble in our human skin. It is hard to describe the feeling, but we were high on life. We later found out there were ice caves here that you can book a tour to go see. Maybe next time we will have to check them out.

Nigardsbreen Glacier

Snowy Landscapes

With views like this right off the road, we made a lot of stops. Who really needs to hike? Not be be lazy, but there are views everywhere in this place. And the reflections were incredible. It was pure liquid eye candy. Not the kind you get drunk off of, but the kind you feel most alive with.


While traveling with our Indian friends, they had to get some yoga in. More like yoga flop! The view here was great and we definitely got our jump on.

Yoga Norway Mountains

Norway Jumping Mountain View

Who could beat this snowy view when stopping off for a quick dinner on the side of the road? Many of our campsites had beautiful views as well. Every time we got up in altitude, we had a hard time moving the car as there was a photo opportunity around every corner.

Norway Camping Dinner on Road

Fun Fact:  Why is the glacier ice blue?

When snow falls on a glacier, the ice is compressed, becoming part of the glacier. Then air bubbles are squeezed out from the increased weight, making the ice crystals larger and giving it a blue appearance.

Have you ever been to a glacier? Where was it and how did you react?

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