Our Favorite Trips of 2018

2018 was a big year for travel, but not quite as big as we expect for 2019. We are clearly addicted to exploring new places and having new experiences. Here are our top 5 travel locations in 2018.geiranger-fjord-5

5. Seattle

This was a surprise birthday trip for Brianna, where we enjoyed a cat cafe, underground tour, Japanese Garden, and some incredible sushi. Seattle has so much to offer, even in the late fall when it is supposed to be raining all the time. We lucked out with some decent weather.


4. Newport Oregon

We enjoyed a nice long weekend in Newport and at the surrounding landmarks like Devil’s Punchbowl.


Devils Punchbowl Newport Oregon

3. Bryce Canyon National Park

At Bryce Canyon we got some amazing contrast between the orange hoodoos and the snow. It was quite lovely early in the morning with no one around.


2. Zion National Park

Our first trip to Zion National Park was during the winter back in February. The weather worked out perfectly with blue skies and warm enough temperatures. The crowds were definitely low compared to summer, so we had some places all to ourselves. We also did the crazy hike to the top of Angels Landing which was the highlight of the park for us.


1. Norway

Being our first trip to Europe, Norway didn’t disappoint. With its glaciers, fjords, and epic camping locations, we had an incredible time. This was our number one spot for the year.

Norway Camping Dinner on Road

2018 was quite an adventure with Norway definitely being the highlight. We are really looking forward to another great year of travel. Stay tuned for our upcoming posts on planning the beginning of the trip around the world.

Where did you go in 2018? What brought you there? Please share your stories below!

Our Favorite Trips of 2018 | BIG tiny World Travel | We obviously love to travel, and we can't just sit at home while we prepare for our Big Trip - so we still travel in the meantime! Click to see our favorite trips from 2018 - where we went, and why we loved the destinations! | #travel #coupletravel #nationalparks #scandinavia #ustravel

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11 thoughts on “Our Favorite Trips of 2018

  1. Such beautiful photos!! I was lucky enough to visit Egypt, Norway, Cape Verde, Lapland, Zurich, Prague and Manigod in France in 2018. Loved every single one of them as they were so so different!! Egypt and Cape Verde were chilled, sitting by the pool for a week kinda holiday. Manigod was skiing with my best friends over new year and the others were city breaks which I have blogged about on my page 😊
    Incredibly lucky to visit such amazing places 😊

  2. You went to some fantastic places! Hopefully 2018 will be more of the same, hopefully you’ll return to Europe too! There’s so much to see here 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Zachary! Yes, the more we travel, the more places we want to explore! That’s why we’re going to do it full time starting this year.. eek! Something tells me my destination wish list will be longer after we get back!

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