What if your travel funded itself?

What if your travel funded itself?

Get started with one of the easiest and fastest passive income models to pay for your trips!

Brianna holding a mug with goats on it and a Patagonia calendar, both products designed and sold through a passive Etsy shop

Fund Your Travels with a Passive Etsy Shop!

Perfect for two-dimensional creatives - photographers, painters, digital artists 🎨 

Design products with your art, list them, then sell them over and over again - entirely passively!  This workshop will show you how!

usually $97

Don't just trade hours for dollars

Why not get paid while you travel?

Most of us were taught that getting a job is the only way to earn income.  That we're paid by the hour, and when we aren't working, we aren't getting paid.

So we wait for the weekend, wait for our precious two weeks of vacation, wait for retirement to finally travel and enjoy our lives.

Why wait?

We teach over 30 ways to earn income while you travel inside our Unlimited Travelers Club membership, but this is one of the most popular and fastest means toward cash in your pocket!

Why Etsy?

  • this is an easy form of income to get started with - you don't need much tech knowledge, just your art and some creativity!
  • you don't have to market yourself or maintain any inventory from the road - millions already buy from Etsy every year, and a third-party printer handles all the fulfillment for you
  • once set up, income is completely passive, so you continue to earn while you're traveling - even if you don't have any internet

Passive Etsy Workshop

Screenshot of the LotsaSmiles Photography Etsy shop we actually run passively from the road.

Get your shop set up in about an hour

This workshop will walk you through how to set everything up (the right way), best practices to attract buyers to your shop, and how to advertise it if you choose.

What's Included?


how-to checklist with all the simple steps you need


listing best practices to get your products seen and sold


walkthroughs for designing, pricing, and advertising


using analytics to figure out what to sell or adjust

$100s of potential earnings!

Set your products up once,
then earn over and over while you travel!

Countless products you can turn into passive income to fund your travels

Only $37!

(less than a dinner for two)

usually $97

Just one popular product can more than pay for itself with just a few sales!

Various product ideas, all pointing to a big dollar sign in the center.

We used to think we had to be rich to travel, but months on the road taught us otherwise!

We are Aaron and Brianna.  We put off traveling for years because we didn't think it was affordable.

And we were sitting on 10s of thousands of awesome travel photos that were just collecting digital dust.  Sure, we could upload them to stock sites and earn pennies on each sale.

But then we discovered how easy it was to set up and run a passive Etsy shop - and make 50x off of each sale with the same effort.

We don't advertise it, but we still brought in nearly $800 this year - completely passively.

We've taught our artistic family members how to do the same, and now you can join in on what feels like a secret trick to funding your travels!

If you're creative like we are, this is a must-have for your income arsenal.  Set up a passive Etsy shop, and earn indefinitely!

Make your travels sustainable!

Fund your travels
with a passive Etsy shop!

Remote Income Workshop

Your next exciting journey awaits!