7 Months Until Our World Trip – An update

What are we up to today?  The trip planning has been lagging a little bit but we are about to go head-on into it. We have been a bit overwhelmed and have been plagued with a bit of analysis paralysis. The only way to combat this is to start planning.. but not every last detail. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the USA and that also means a 4 day weekend. We’re taking advantage of it so we can leave by June of 2019.

Sunset Sail Key West Florida

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Considering… Laos

Laos is one of those places that is stunningly beautiful and not as populated as most other Asian countries. This allows more breathing room when traveling to some of the top destinations and a nice break from the overrun tourist areas of nearby Thailand. Its culture is more accessible and isn’t as blurred by the tourism machine.

Laos has many excellent ways to volunteer for those who like helping out in communities while abroad. We plan to do just that. As we travel we do want to find ways to give back and this is the perfect opportunity. With programs like Big Brother Mouse Project, volunteers help children learn how to read and improve their English skills. There is also Cope, which provides assistance and rehabilitation to those who were injured during the Vietnam war (details on both below).

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How to Plan a World Trip – Step 0: Decide to Do It

How does one even start with planning a world trip?  There are so many things to consider.  Where to go?  How will we pay for it?  What happens with our kitties?

We’ve all heard it: “wow, world travel?  I’d love to do that some day…”  I’m not much of a fan of “some day,” as it’s so noncommittal.  One can dream without ever taking the terrifying risk of actually doing it.  And then when life simply gets in the way, we can’t be blamed for not seeing those dreams come to fruition.

But what I’ve found: the dream is that much more exciting when you actually set it in motion.

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