Touring Namibia!

We’re traipsing across Namibia this month with very little internet, so I’m afraid we don’t have a new post this week. We’ll try for next week, instead!

In the meantime, this photo can serve as evidence that we’re having a great time with the wildlife!


5 thoughts on “Touring Namibia!

  1. Love the tongue but the ad that popped up below is a picture of a huge worm looking thing with the words – “US MD: I Beg Americans To Throw Out This Veg Now”. I elected not to click on the worm – ick – and enjoy the tongue instead. Hope you are having a wonderful time. Baby animal pictures please!

    1. Yeah.. unfortunately, we don’t control the ads WordPress puts on our site. We hope to be able to upgrade to an ad-free experience once we have enough followers on our site… so share with your friends!!

      And yes, we have some baby animal pics, too – coming here soon! 🙂

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