Trip Planning Coaching

In just 15 mintues, transform your next trip from uncertain to confident!

We're here to help you take the best trip possible!

With over 20 years of travel experience, we have planned a variety of trip types.  Whether you're looking for a luxurious tropical beach getaway or you want an action-packed, culture-rich urban vacation, we will personally coach you on how to make it happen!


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What You Get

We want to make sure you get the most out of your sessions.  We collect important information about your upcoming trip ahead of time so we can spend the sessions providing you with the most efficient guidance possible.

Two 15-minute, one-on-one video calls

During the first session, we'll dive into one specific area you struggle with in your trip planning.  Looking for the cheapest flight?  Not sure which activities you'll enjoy most?  Have food sensitivities?  Uncertain about the transit options?  Not sure if you need a visa or covid test?

We'll walk through it with you!


You can schedule your second session anytime within 30 days of your first session.  This follow-up will address any lingering questions or concerns you have, after you've had a chance to implement what you've learned from the first session.

We won't abandon you!

Unlimited access to your session recordings

No need to take notes during our calls!  You can reference your own videos as many times and for as long as you'd like.


And the best part: you can download the audio or transcript to easily search for any topic we discussed.

One month's access to the full library of other trip planning coaching sessions

You can learn so much from other travelers as well!  Therefore, along with your coaching session, you'll have access to our full coaching library.


This is fully searchable, so you can find just the topics you need help with!

Just $127!

Your session also helps other travelers!  The recording will be added to our coaching library for future clients to reference.  Read our full privacy policy here.

Prefer to learn on your own?

Check out the Takeoff trip planning framework - a two module course that teaches you the easiest and most efficient way to plan your trips