Unlimited Travel Retreat

fun and free travel info from about a dozen speakers

A free digital event celebrating unlimited travel!
If you're looking to add more travel to your life, this FREE online retreat is for you!  This event is just one day, but it's packed full of value to help you on your path toward unlimited travel!

Coming October 8th!

Speakers from all walks of travel!

Covering topics like...
  • how to earn income while abroad
  • feeling at home wherever you go
  • getting free lodging when you travel
  • how to get started with travel rewards credit cards
  • and so much more!

Amy Parker Income While Traveling: Ideas for Creatives

Kelly Davidson

How to Book an Overwater Bungalow for (Almost) Free

Heather Markel From Travel Dream To Travel Life: How To Afford Full Time Travel

Louise "Weezy" Summey

3 Keys to Getting Great Memories... with your smartphone

Michelle Sandler The Easy Video Website Builder to Share Your Travel Experiences

Toni Gonzalez

The REAL Expat Wife's Story: What they don't tell you about living in paradise

Sabrina Allison Exploring the Culture and Beauty of Scotland

Christina Toth

How to Feel Like You Belong No Matter Where You Are in the World

Lisa Marie Holley Seeking More Inspirational Travel to Create More Inspirational Art

Christine Yanke

Mixing your passion with Paradise: Teaching Vacations

Your Hosts

Brianna and Aaron Shade with BIG tiny World Travel are expert travelers who quit their jobs in 2019 to travel full-time.  They embrace the freedom of the nomadic lifestyle and the cultural connections and personal growth that come with it.  They haven't looked back, even when covid shut the world down, and they now teach other adventurous vacationers how to earn remote income and afford unlimited travels. Retreat topic: Mastering Housesitting All Around the World