The Unlimited Travelers Club is closed right now...

but the waitlist is open!

The Unlimited Travelers Club is closed right now... but the waitlist is open!

The Unlimited Travelers Club

  • Lowers your travel costs through smart budgeting
  • Teaches many practical income streams (and which is best for YOU)
  • Makes your travels truly unlimited, with support along the way

New member enrollment opens only a few times per year.  Sign up to be the first to know when that is, and get money-saving and expert travel tips in the meantime!

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Travel Freedom

comes down to two main components

Reducing Expenses

Cut down on the cost of travel, and you can afford to do more of it.. simple, right?

This isn't about sleeping on benches and foregoing activities, though.  The Club will have you traveling inexpensively without traveling cheap.  It's all about prioritizing!

Travel Freedom

comes down to two main components

Earning Remote Income

There are many ways to make money from the road, including freelancing, selling digital products, picking up seasonal jobs at your destination, or continuing your current job as a digital nomad.

The Club will show you your customized income strategy and get you started so you can fund as many trips as you want!

The Unlimited Travelers Club makes it possible to travel without restrictions!

What's inside?

  • Remote Income Workshops

  $97 value per month  

Each month, we will actually implement a different remote income stream from literal zero and walk you through every step of the process. You'll see how difficult each is to start, how profitible it is, and whether it's a good fit for you.  Follow along, or wait for the month-end summary!

  • One-on-one Travel Lifestyle Coaching

  $63 value per month  

Whether you want guidance on cheaper flights, reward points, travel blogging, freelance work, or trip planning, we're here to take a deep dive into one member question each month.

  • Monthly Travel Happy Hours and Q&A

  $37 value per month  

Wherever you are in the world, come together once a month for a digital hangout with your fellow travelers.  Talk about upcoming trips, share lessons learned, and ask your pressing questions about unlimited travel.

  • Community, Resources, and Networking

  $47 value per month  

There's a LOT of information about travel, and it can be confusing, overwhelming, and simply incorrect.  Tap into our distilled resource library and network of trusted travelers who are experts in any travel topic you can think of, including vanlife, expats, credit card reward points, backpacking, luxury, and more!

Hi there!

We are Aaron and Brianna, and after years of ducking away for precious two-week vacations whenever we could, we finally quit our jobs in 2019 to travel full-time. We were tired of someone else telling us how our lives should be lived, and the world was calling to us! With nothing more than a bit of savings and a dream, we set out to explore all corners of the globe.

We hit three continents before the pandemic forced us home, but along the way, we learned how to streamline our expenses to travel longer (though we are not budget travelers) and how to bring in remote income to make this new lifestyle sustainable (and no, we don't have some secret source of wealth).  We vowed never to return to the cubicle prison.

Now, we have made it our mission to make travel more accessible to vacationers like you who feel they can't afford to travel as much as they want.

We learned a LOT of things the hard way.
But you don't have to.

The Unlimited Travelers Club will bring your travel dreams to life!

While you wait...

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5 Simple Steps to

Become a Digital Nomad

a workshop to set you up for location independence in just 5 days!

January 9-13, 2023

  • Resources for finding online work or how to transition your existing job
  • Logistics of working abroad - taxes, money management, and other considerations
  • Balancing work with travel, scheduling, nomad visas, and making it sustainable

Plus: You'll get an exclusive sneak peek into the Unlimited Travelers Club membership!