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We had so much incredible food in Japan; how could we pick just one favorite?  While we loved the comforting ramen and drooled over the extravagant ryokan breakfast, one restaurant rose to the top, and it still makes my stomach grumble at the thought of it.

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World Highlights: Our Favorite Japanese Meal | BIG tiny World Travel | We only travel to eat! Japan had some of best food we've had, but one restaurant rose above the rest! Check out our favorite from our visit. | #travel #travelcouple #internationalfood #traveltoeat #travelfood

Everything about the experience at Komakata Dozeu in Asakusa left us in awe.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2015

I was thankful Aaron did some research ahead of time on this one, as we never would have otherwise known the establishment to even be a restaurant, let alone something worth checkout out.  But on the other side of the noren panels awaited a remarkable traditional restaurant.  Complete with shoes off and sitting directly on the tatami mats, it was unforgettable.

And the food, of course, was delectable.  I couldn’t really identify half of it, but every morsel left my mouth watering for more.  The meal was well-rounded (as are most Japanese meals), with soup, rice, vegetables, and fish – some of it cooked on a tiny fire right in front of us!

We still dream of the food in Japan, and this is the first restaurant that comes to mind.  It was a tad expensive, but it was worth every yen.  It is an experience we will always treasure.

© LotsaSmiles Photography 2015

What is the best meal you’ve had while travelling?

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  1. Mine was lasagna at a very fancy restaurant in Milan. I love Italian food. But, I also had teriyaki chicken for the first time in the Japanese quarter of Dusseldorf in Germany. That was the second best travel meal I had.

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