New Focus Coming to BIG tiny World!

It’s just a short post this week, as we’re taking a break this week from blogging to make time for a site revamp.  It’s time for some changes!

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How to Plan a World Trip – Step 0: Decide to Do It

How does one even start with planning a world trip?  There are so many things to consider.  Where to go?  How will we pay for it?  What happens with our kitties?

We’ve all heard it: “wow, world travel?  I’d love to do that some day…”  I’m not much of a fan of “some day,” as it’s so noncommittal.  One can dream without ever taking the terrifying risk of actually doing it.  And then when life simply gets in the way, we can’t be blamed for not seeing those dreams come to fruition.

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But what I’ve found: the dream is that much more exciting when you actually set it in motion.

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It Starts…

Welcome to our new adventure!  We’ve taken the first step to world travel: we’ve decided to do it!

The plan: a year around the globe.

We’re saving up, and we depart in less than a few years.  It seems a long way from now, but I don’t doubt it will come up fast.

This doesn’t mean we won’t travel before then, so follow us to see what we’re up to, how the planning is going, and where we’re headed next.  Be sure to see what prompted this adventure on the About page, tell us about your own travels, and let us know where YOU think we should go!

We’re all a part of this big, tiny world.

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