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Please know we get a lot of requests, and we are very selective in our partners. Due to the number of inquiries we receive, we only respond to those with whom we feel would make a good fit.

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We love to support growing blogs, but we don’t link to just any post. If you have a great article you think would complement one of ours, feel free to let us know. However, we only add backlinks to articles that:

  • are relevant to our posts
  • add unique value to our readers
  • are aligned with our values (read more on our About Us page)
  • are a positive experience for our readers (excessive ads, for example, would not be a positive experience)

If you feel your content meets these guidelines, please submit your backlink request below, and include a direct link to your article, the post on our site where you’d like the link, and how your post meets the criteria above. Requests that are missing this information will not be accepted. And please do read our article you wish to link from; it’s quite obvious when you haven’t 🙂

If we do accept your post, we will include an in-line do-follow backlink, and we will notify you of the new link.

Aaron posing in a playground in Emirgan, Istanbul, Turkey

Guest Posts

We are currently accepting guest posts on our website.

For BIG tiny World Travel, we are looking for unique articles that add value not otherwise readily found. We typically post about destinations around the world, particularly from an adventure travel perspective. Some ideas include:

  • Off-the-beaten-path ideas (destinations, restaurants, activities, photo spots, etc.)
  • Unusual ways to save money in a given destination
  • Locals-only hotspots or alternatives to the tourist traps
  • Tips and tricks for navigating a local custom, holiday, or ritual not typically found elsewhere

We are not looking for:

  • Topics already widely discussed (if we can Google your topic and find 15 other articles that already cover all your content, it’s not unique)
  • Articles reviewing or advertising a particular product or service (we never promote anything we cannot personally vouch for; see Ambassadorships below)
  • Travel journals, itineraries, or generic “things to do in X” posts

If you have an idea for a post topic, please submit it below, along with a timeframe for when you could have it written. We recommend you submit a few potential headlines for posts you might write to improve the chances of being selected. And please search our site first to make sure we haven’t already written about what you’re proposing 🙂

If we like more than one of your ideas, we might also entertain an ongoing relationship.

Article Requirements

If we accept one of your ideas, we will ask you to submit a draft by an agreed-upon due date. This article must:

  • be well-written (we publish only high-quality content, and we only accept the same)
  • be at least 1000 words
  • be well organized with appropriate headings
  • be proofread for grammar and spelling
  • be optimized for SEO
  • be written primarily for the reader (while some personal anecdotes are fine, a majority of the article should be written in the second person – “you”)
  • not link to more than two other articles (on your site or elsewhere – no affiliate links)
  • not appear anywhere else on the internet (Google hates duplicate content, so it’s really in your best interest to not submit an article you’ve already published elsewhere)
  • be accompanied by an excerpt describing the article (no more than 100 words and including your article keywords), a short bio, and royalty-free photographs (see below for specifications)

For the sake of site consistency, we reserve the right to edit your article for grammar and voice, though we try to not alter content.


We love for our articles to be visually appealing to our readers. Therefore, we require all submitted articles to be accompanied by relevant, license-free images. Please include 1-3 images per 300 words. For example, if your article is 1000 words long, you should have 4-12 images. We prefer the higher end of this range, as it gives us more to choose from, but please don’t exceed this max.

We prefer these to be pictures you have taken yourself (and can thus grant permission for their use), though they may be Creative Commons images sourced from e.g. Flickr. We do not accept stock images purchased by others (i.e.: you).

However, if you are using images that are not your own, you must also submit attribution details, including original photographer, a link to their work, and the associated Creative Commons license. As photographers and videographers, ourselves, we will not tolerate stolen images, even accidental. We will check each image, and if we discover a stolen image, your post will be rejected, and we will not work with you again.

Each image must be resized to be no larger than 200kb and 1000px on the long side. Resolution should be 300dpi. Each should have a short alt text that concisely describes what is in the image. Please also include at least one amazing landscape-oriented image that is representative of the entire post and can be used as the header image.

You are welcome to include your own attribution in the alt text, EXIF data, and non-intrusive watermark (preferably in the bottom right of the image and consistent across all images). And if you have a preference for image locations within the article, please let us know that as well.


Along with your article, we ask you to submit a short bio. This should be no more than 100 words and concisely say something about you and what you do. Please include one small image of yourself (no larger than 200kb and 640px on the long side), and a single link to a website or social media profile.

This bio will be included at the end of your article.

Once your Article is Published

We will give you an expected timeline on when you will see your article published. The article will be shared on our social media as with all of our posts, and we encourage you to also share it to improve visibility.

We might edit your post at a later time to update anything that has become out of date. We also reserve the right to remove your post entirely if our site takes a new direction in the future and it is no longer relevant to our readers. If there are any major changes, we will attempt to notify you.

Aaron and Brianna sipping wine in an airport lounge in Basel, Switzerland

Love our articles and want one written for your own website?

With years of blogging experience and SEO knowledge, we can write an engaging longform article on a topic of your choice (provided we are familiar with the given topic). Please submit a request below with your proposed topics and submission requirements, and we can provide our rates.


Love our products and want to refer your friends? We’ll pay you to do so!

Our affiliates earn a flat 30% bounty on all sales, including on recurring monthly fees earned on our membership program. Your custom referral link comes with a 60-day tracking cookie to maximize commissions. Click here to read more and to join our affiliate program today!


Have a product or service you’d love for us to try out?

We would love to sample your products, and if we genuinely like them, promote them on our social networks and website. However, we will never lie about a product, so we cannot guarantee a positive review.

We do not accept promotional articles written by other parties. Before promoting anything on our website, we must be able to personally vouch for it. We will then write about our personal experience and include at least one no-follow link to your website.

We are not currently interested in any partnerships that require us to purchase an item upfront.

Press Trips, Tours, Apps, Restaurants, and Hotels

Have a new business you’d love to promote? We would be happy to visit your establishment or trial your service in exchange for an honest review on our site, social media promotion (including lives, if applicable and possible), and/or professional-quality photography and video (drone footage also available) for license-free use in your marketing.

Please submit a request below for our media kit and to make an exchange proposal.

Aaron nearing the top of Angels Landing in Zion National Park


Love our site’s photography? Brianna is a professional wildlife, landscape, travel, and events photographer. Aaron is a videographer specializing in time lapses, GoPro adventure clips, and drone footage.

If you need brand photography or clips for your product or service, use the form below to tell us what you’re looking for.

If you are looking to add flair to your website with epic destination photos, Brianna sells stock images here.

Trip Planning Consulting

With over 20 years of traveling experience, we are experts in planning the best trips. We have planned just about every type of excursion, including cities, remote deserts, popular tourist attractions, safaris, cultural experiences, beaches, native tribes, camping, resorts, and so much more.

From lazy tropical getaways to exciting mountain trekking adventures, from local weekend jaunts to permanently living on the road, we know what it takes to optimize travel.

Now, we believe that mastering your own trip planning is actually the best way to get more from your trips – which is precisely why we have a simple system to teach you how to do just that (and you can read all about that here).

But if you feel like you need additional support with planning your trips, we offer 1:1 consulting sessions. You can schedule a half-hour session here.

We do not offer full trip planning services at this time.

We Look Forward to Hearing From You!

If you have any other inquiries not covered above, feel free to use the form below to submit a request. If our values align, we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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