A Glimpse of Lotrscak Tower and Gric Cannon

Where have you seen a cannon blast?

Every day in Zagreb at noon, a cannon fires from Lotrščak Tower. The blast startled us the first time we heard it, so we made it a point to figure out where it came from. The Lotrščak Tower was already on our list of places to visit, so this was a double bonus to see the cannon fire.

The Zagreb cannon in Zagreb, Croatia

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A Glimpse of The Museum of Ancient Glass

Have you ever watched glassblowing?

Zadar has a collection of ancient glass from the time of the Roman Empire in the Museum of Ancient Glass. The glass collection was excavated at archaeological sites all over Croatia. The museum transported us back in time as we walked through this museum. It is amazing how some of these pieces stood the test of time and are mostly intact.

Old glass jars on display at the Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar, Croatia

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A Glimpse of Zagreb 360° Observation Deck

What is the best view you had from the top of a building?

As part of our Zagreb Card, we had access to the Zagreb 360° Observation Deck. We had coffee in the 16th-floor cafe and then enjoyed views from almost every angle. From there, we could see many of the top attractions of the city from above. Zagreb is in a beautiful city with a backdrop of mountains and architecture from the middle ages. This was a perfect viewing spot of the city.

The Zagreb 360 building in Zagreb, Croatia

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A row of graves under a red tree in a cemetery in Zagreb, Croatia

A Glimpse of Mirogoj Cemetery

What is the most beautiful cemetery that you have visited?

Mirogoj Cemetary in Zagreb is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe and has become an off the beaten path tourist attraction. Not many people find this place as it is not in the center of the city. We had a peaceful walk around admiring the vast displays of flowers and other decorations at each gravesite.  Each tells a story of someone’s life.


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Aaron and the travel kitties looking through a prism of mirrors at the Illusion Museum in Zagreb, Croatia

A Glimpse of the Illusion Museum

When have you seen something that you did not ACTUALLY see?

Zagreb has many indoor things to do on a rainy day and the Illusion Museum is one of them. We thought that maybe this would be another gimmicky museum, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. Aaron had his head on a platter, and we were both multiplied by thousands with the help of some mirrors. I even shrunk Brianna to half her size. Who knew that something so simple allowed for us to be so silly together.

The entrance of the Illusion Museum in Zagreb, Croatia

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A Glimpse of the Museum of Broken Relationships

What is a memorable item or story you have from a broken relationship?

The Museum of Broken Relationships is one of the many places we wanted to visit before going to Zagreb. The sound of this place intrigued us, and we wanted to see what it was all about. What we found was more interesting than we expected as the stories we found were a mix of comedy and darkness. They were gripping enough to keep us interested, and it was hard to not spend hours there.

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A statue in the plaza of Zagreb, Croatia

A Glimpse of Zagreb

What place have you fallen in love with?

After spending two weeks in Italy, we took a bus to Zagreb, Croatia. This being our first time in Croatia, we were excited to see what all the hype was about. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and has a variety of old architecture and also a quirky side. There was so much to do there and we still didn’t see everything. Best of all, most people speak English in the cities so we had no trouble getting around.

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Discover Croatia in Autumn

Croatia is a beautiful country with its turquoise blue waters, a Mediterranean climate, and medieval architecture. In autumn, we could see the most popular historic sites outside of the massive tourist season of summer. The water is still warm for swimming, and the fall colors are amazing. There are various festivals and holidays to appreciate making this the perfect time to visit. This was a wonderful introduction to Croatia and it is now our favorite country in Europe. If you like autumn like we do, find out why this is the best time to visit Croatia.


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