A Glimpse of the Dark Hedges

Do you love tunnels of trees as much as we do? Where have you found the best ones?


Even without the influence of Game of Thrones, we were enthralled by pictures of this mystical place: the Dark Hedges. A road losing itself in a tangle of trees looked like the perfect photo opportunity!

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A Glimpse of the Giant’s Causeway

What is your favorite geological place in the world?


Long before visiting Northern Ireland, I knew I wanted to see the famed Giants Causeway. A beach consisting of hexagonal basalt columns, it feeds both my love of patterns and my affinity for cool geology. It was formed by volcanic activity 50 million years ago and lava that cooled and cracked much like drying mud does.

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A Glimpse of the Bushmills Distillery

What is the oldest distillery, winery, or brewery you’ve visited?


We couldn’t drive right past the town of Bushmills without stopping in to the oldest operating distillery in the world. This place has been making high-quality, triple-distilled Irish whiskey for over 400 years!

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A Glimpse of Dunluce Castle

Where have you found awesome ruins with a view?


Dunluce Castle was our second stop on our mini day road trip along the Northern Ireland coast. By this point, the sun was out, and the views were superb!

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A Glimpse of Downhill Demesne

Where have you seen nature reclaiming man-made structures?


Visiting Northern Ireland in October means a lot of unpredictable weather. As a result, we understandably saw a lot of rain (it’s so green for a reason!). Fortunately, we were comfortably snuggled in at a cat sit, complete with a fireplace. It was a great opportunity to catch up on work, but it meant we treasured the dry days all the more.

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A Glimpse of the Peace Bridge

What is your favorite pedestrian bridge?

One of the things we were most looking forward to seeing in Derry was the iconic Peace Bridge. Recognizable from a distance with its angled spires, it is quite beautiful. I was also intrigued by its curving path across the River Foyle. Continue reading “A Glimpse of the Peace Bridge”

A Glimpse of the Museum of Free Derry

Where have you been that has the most interesting history?

We drove from our home base in Portadown to the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, to the city of Londonderry. Being a border town, it has witnessed a lot of tension between the two divisions of Ireland.

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A Taste of Derry

What border towns have left an impression on you?


Derry is a town on the border between Northern Ireland and its big brother to the south. It is known for being the epicenter of Irish conflict, but our visit was anything but hostile. In fact, we were humbled by the generosity of the people.

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A Taste of Portadown

Have you ever been to Northern Ireland? What did you do there?

We hadn’t planned on going to Ireland on this trip, but once we were in London and saw a cat-sit pop up in Portadown, we couldn’t pass it up. While we weren’t based in the more bustling nearby Belfast, it proved an excellent central point from which we could explore.

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