A Glimpse of Azulejos

What historical art taught you something important?

Azulejo tiles have been a part of Portugal’s history since the 8th century. The word originates from Arabic al zulaycha, which means polished stone. The Portuguese combine these tiles to form artwork, decorate buildings, or even use them in flooring. We saw them everywhere and on everything. Portuguese create art from combining individually painted tiles.

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A Glimpse of the São Bento Railway Station

What was the most interesting train station you have been to?

The São Bento Railway Station was a lot more than just a train stop. It has so much historical importance. We went on a walking tour in Porto, Portugal and this was one of the most interesting places. The elaborate tile work in the main entryway tells the history of Portugal. They built the station on the site of an old convent; the Benedictine Convent of São Bento. São Bento translates to Saint Benedict in English.

São Bento Railway Station

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