A Taste of Sham Castle

Have you ever visited a folly? Where was it?

When looking for alternate things to do in Bath, UK (besides the famed Roman baths swarming with tourists), we came across this unusual find: Sham Castle. It is precisely what it says: a complete fake. While the facade looks like a proper castle from the front, there’s nothing behind it. It’s missing a moat, a drawbridge, three other walls, and an interior.


It was built in 1762 purely for aesthetics, and it now serves only as a fun picnic spot.


Follies have been built all around the world for various reasons, and there are actually two more that overlook Bath: Brown’s Folly and Beckford’s Tower, both towers built in the 19th century. Many are built simply to provide jobs. Some are even purposely constructed to look like ruins, when an original never existed.


Britain even has a Folly Fellowship dedicated to preserving these ornamental buildings.

Sham Castle provided a great excuse to take some pictures.. even if there were no ruins to explore beyond the front gate!


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Considering… Romania

Romania has many castles and wonderful landscapes which will make for some great photography and video. We happen to know someone who is from Romania, so that helped inspire us to consider it for our world trip. She is a very nice and welcoming person, so we hope to find more people like her in this country.

Why do we want to go?

It is cheaper than western Europe and has many similar things from old Europe like castles and churches. It is a photographer’s dream with many landscapes in a country that is about the size of Oregon in the U.S. but much more populated. We’ve had some fear of this area as well so that makes us want to go even more. Maybe we can get our blood sucked out in Transylvania by some vampires (or mosquitoes). It would be fun to go there for their Halloween event. Continue reading “Considering… Romania”