A Glimpse of Irish Bushwhacking

Have you ever had an impromptu off-trail adventure?

We didn’t plan on scaling a steep hillside. The Greystones to Bray cliff walk was supposed to a fairly gentle walk along the beautiful Irish shoreline.


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Travel in the Time of Coronavirus

Many things have changed rather rapidly with the spread of COVID-19, and our travel world has more or less come crashing down.  We have weathered it for as long as we can, but we’ve reached a point where it just doesn’t make sense anymore.

So we wanted to take a little time to reflect on what’s happened, how it has impacted us, and how both we and you can move forward once it’s over.

Practicing our mask wearing while in isolation in Ushuaia

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A Glimpse of the Greystones to Bray Cliff Walk

What cool city hikes have you found during your travels?


Our amazing couchsurfing host recommended the Greystones to Bray cliff walk hike while we were staying with him in Dublin, Ireland. This 6km walk meanders along the beautiful Irish coastline, providing spectacular views of cliffs and waves as you enjoy the lush green hillside and ancient rock walls.

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A Glimpse of Howth Castle

What do you love to seek out when you travel?


When we aren’t otherwise chasing beautiful landscapes or diving into the local history, we love love love ruins. Just the way nature starts reclaiming what man once built, that beautiful decay. Picturing how it all looked long ago, what each room was used for. If walls could speak, right?

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A Glimpse of Howth

Do you love watching sail boats as much as we do?

Howth (pronounced like the “Hoth” of Star Wars, minus the tauntauns) was another day trip suggestion from our amazing couchsurfing host in Dublin, Ireland. This quaint marina town not only featured a thousand sails (no need for Helen of Troy), but we also found an old church ruin (complete with scenic graveyard) and a wonderful pier lined with musical buskers.

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A Glimpse of Dun Laoghaire

What have been some of your favorite day trips?

We were very fortunate to stay with a local Irish man just outside of Dublin, Ireland, who was able to give us some insight into some of the best day trips surrounding the city of Ireland.

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A Glimpse of Phoenix Park

What is the most memorable wildlife experience you’ve had within city limits?


One of the lesser-known spots to visit within Dublin is the beautiful Phoenix Park. At nearly 3 square miles, it is one of the largest capital city parks in Europe. It is known for housing the Wellington Monument (the largest obelisk in Europe) and the Dublin Zoo.

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Experience Santiago Chile: Like a True Local

While traveling, it is important for us to understand the culture, politics, and history of the places we visit. We have always believed that travel is more than just sightseeing, and there is always a human element. During our visit to Santiago, Chile, we had a unique chance to see how the locals lived, even in the poorest of neighborhoods. The family who hosted us barely spoke English, and even with so little resources, they gave us so much. It is fascinating to see a family live so happily on so little, while also being so generous at the same time. We viewed Santiago from a completely different perspective.

Host family in Santiago Chile

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A Glimpse of Irish Pubs

Where is the coolest place you’ve had a drink?

We couldn’t go to Dublin without stopping into a traditional Irish pub. Wonderful, boisterous atmosphere, Guinness by the pint, classic fish ‘n’ chips, and of course, live Irish music.

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