A Taste of Delft

What day trip would you do again in a heartbeat?

Delft is a quaint town and a fun day trip from Rotterdam! We instantly fell in love with the winding alleys, the tight lines of buildings, and the leaning towers. We even had to find a wooden shoe to pose in!

The name “Delft” comes from the word “delven” (like “delve”), and is named for the canal beside which it was built, the Delf. The Netherlands are known for its many canals, and we enjoyed walking alongside them and drinking on patios floating atop them.

We also climbed the tower of the New Church with a beautiful view of the city below from its dizzying height. And we marveled at the leaning tower of the Old Church, threatening to tip into the adjacent canal.


We only spent a day in Delft, but we could have spent more time there. It felt like a mini Amsterdam, with a rich history of its own (a gunpowder house once exploded and destroyed a large part of the city) and lots of character. Be sure to check it out if you’re in the area!

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A Taste of German Villages

Where do you find simple beauty in your travels?

One of our favorite parts about visiting historic towns in Germany is these adorable tiny streets! Obviously better for pedestrians, we were also surprised to see commuting buses thunder between these tight buildings. It was really quite a sight! We prefer the car-free walkways. Much quieter and just as charming!

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