25 Adventures from Around the World That Will Make You Want to Travel

As we near our big departure (exactly two weeks from today!), we’re reflecting quite a bit on some of our past adventures.  We’ve come a long way (figuratively and literally), and we can’t wait to see where we end up at the end of all this (will there be an end?).  We’re crazy busy tying up final loose ends, so this week’s post will be short, but we wanted to share with you some of our favorite adventures from around the world… and perhaps tempt you to travel as well!

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You could say our wanderlust truly began in Japan.  Sure, we’d taken many trips before then, like road trips to Oregon or San Francisco, but this one really pushed us over the top and made us thirst for more.


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Who can argue with food?  And we found some of the best in Japan!

Unique Activities

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We love to find new ways to explore a city, and we found so much to do in Japan.

Wonderful Culture

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There are so many things that are just quintessential Japanese.. and we loved discovering each one!

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is (of course) vastly different from Japan, but it also offered many wonders for us to discover.


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We didn’t just find good food in Japan; Costa Rica had lots to devour as well!


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“Windsurfer” ants cary bits of leaves back to their anthill.

You can’t visit Costa Rica without falling in love with the incredible biodiversity!


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Costa Rica has so many places to explore; adventure abounds!



From Central America to Scandinavia, every place has something amazing to offer.  We went to Japan for the cities and culture; Costa Rica was the place for adventure; Norway was all about the beauty.


Ice details of the Nigardsbreen glacier in Norway | LotsaSmiles Photography

Places and things to see

And learn how to see it all in this expensive country on a budget!


In two weeks, we set out for Africa.  It is arguably the least visited continent (aside from Antarctica), and we fully expect to have some of our most unique experiences yet!  We’ll be sharing our adventures right here (as long as wifi permits), so be sure to sign up for email alerts so you don’t miss any of our crazy lives that are just about to start!

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Where have you visited that made you grow as a traveler?

25 Adventures From Around the World That Will Make You Want to Travel | BIG tiny World Travel | Over our many years of traveling, we have had some extraordinary adventures!  Click to read about some of them and see how they will entice you to travel as well! | #travel #wanderlust #internationaltravel


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