A tower in Trogir, Croatia

A Glimpse of Trogir

What town have you explored that was nearly empty?

We heard that Trogir Croatia is known as little Dubrovnik, as it has a lot of the same things, but is smaller. It is one of the most well preserved medieval towns and is stunningly beautiful. It is situated on a small island just off the Croatian mainland. The island is surrounded by walkways with boats and fishermen. The town is walled with several gates, just like Dubrovnik.

The castle in Trogir, Croatia

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Mountain ridges as seen from an airplane

Are You Prepared to be a Full-time Traveler?

Judging by picture-perfect, colorful squares on Instagram, the freedom of a travel lifestyle is presented as paradise – an endless parade of tropical breezes and fruity drinks, interspersed with exciting adventures that would make anyone envious.  While travel is, indeed, amazing and life-changing and exhilarating and rewarding, social media paints an incomplete picture.

Aaron and Brianna posing in front of the Fitz Roy spires

We have learned firsthand what living the life of travel entails.  If you’re wondering if full-time travel is right for you – and if you’re ready for what actually awaits – here is what you can expect.
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The ruins if Klis Fortress in Split, Croatia

A Glimpse of Klis Fortress

What stunning viewpoint do you enjoy driving up to?

Klis Fortress has stood high above Split Croatia, for over 2000 years and was home to many Croatian rulers. Today it is an excellent place to view the area, and fun to explore.  With many stone paths, stairs, and narrow indoor walkways, it is fun to see what is around the next corner.

Klis Fortress near Split, Croatia

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The rocky cliff and fortress behind Omis, Croatia

A Glimpse of Omis Croatia

What small town made you feel most at home while visiting?

Omis is a special place on the coast of Croatia south of Split. We went there with a new friend we made at a nearby hostel, and we enjoyed going to this small town. It was gorgeous at sunset and also had some incredible fortresses nearby. The one we climbed is Fortress Mirabella which is accessible by foot from the town. We love this place!

A view of the city from the fortress in Omis, Croatia

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A Glimpse of the Cathedral of Saint Domnius and Bell Tower

What is the longest staircase you have climbed?

The Cathedral of Saint Domnius is one of the major attractions in Split Croatia and includes a bell tower. As with many cathedrals we have visited, the interior is incredible. It includes a crypt, treasury, and baptistery.  We climbed the 200 steps to the top of the bell tower and found some amazing views of Split in every direction.

The view from the top of the St. Domnius Bell Tower in Split, Croatia

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A Glimpse of Hostel Dalmatia

What place gave you a great sense of community?

When we visited Split Croatia, a couchsurfer offered to host us in nearby Slatine. Before arriving, we offered to pick them up near Omis at a hostel they were staying at. These people were some of the most generous and amazing people we met in Croatia. We felt like we had a bit of a real hostel experience even though we were only there for a few hours. It was such a breath of fresh air and a knock your socks off kind of place.

The view from the road just outside of Omis, Croatia

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A rainbow over the city of Split, Croatia

A Glimpse of Marjan Hill

What city park did you find to be spectacular?

Marjan Hill in Split Croatia is a stunning place to see nature and the surrounding views of the city, nearby mountains, and the coastal waters of the Adriatic sea. More importantly, at least for Brianna, were the dozens of street cats on the hill. We walked hundreds of odd length steps to get up to the top of the hill where kitties were abundant. A gentleman was dumping out bags of cat kibble to keep them fed. Croatia knows how to take care of its street cats and kittens.


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The plaza in front of Diocletian's Palace in Split, Croatia

A Glimpse of Diocletian’s Palace

What filming locations would you want to visit?

Diocletian’s palace is one of the major highlights of Split Croatia. This palace is about 1700 years old, built during Roman times in 305 AD. The emperor Diocletian had the palace built in his name. The ruins are one of the most valuable surviving buildings of the Roman era.

An open dome of Diocletian's Palace in Split, Croatia

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Waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Visiting Plitvice Lakes in Autumn – Things to know before going

In Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a must-see destination we were fortunate to see in the off-season of autumn. Plitvice’s stunning beauty brought us there, and we had an unforgettable experience. It was pure eye-candy to see so many waterfalls in one place. Here are some things to know before going and a short video of our experience in the park.Aaron and Brianna in front of the waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia Continue reading “Visiting Plitvice Lakes in Autumn – Things to know before going”

A view of the waterfront of Split, Croatia, from a pier

A Glimpse of Split’s Riva Waterfront

Where do you like to relax outdoors?

The Riva Waterfront in Split is an area full of social gatherings and a public space for people to enjoy. We liked the number of benches situated throughout the waterfront, making it easy to find a spot to relax. The trees there help provide shade so we could get out of the sun for a while. Nearby are plenty of restaurants and scenic views of the harbor.

Boats moored at the waterfront in Split, Croatia

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