Climbing our First Sand Dune in Namibia – Big Daddy Dune


One of the main attractions in Namibia is the enormous sand dunes. The tallest in Namibia and the world is Dune 7 located near Swakopmund. It is a whopping 383 meters (1,256 feet) tall. We missed this one to see big cats (a must – post coming soon!), so we climbed Big Daddy Dune instead at about 325m (1,000′). This choice was the best at the time and we have no regrets.

Big Daddy Dune

Our first sand dune was fairly easy to ascend, but you can expect to fill your shoes with sand. With foggy skies it had an eerie feel, but was super cool to have a different perspective. The views of Deadvlei below were stunning, but the most fun part was the descent.


We both took turns running down the highest point of the dune (through ankle-deep sand). Apparently this is a thing (and we can understand why!), and it’s not scary at all as you can simply stop any time. Even if you fell, you’d just land in a big soft poof of sand. It was thrilling to go down so quickly and arrive at such an amazing place.


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This was written in Namibia with limited internet, so this is just a quick preview. Check out our other Namibia posts for more!

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