My Journey To Nomadic Freedom

I am Aaron, and for me; travel is the ultimate freedom. It is an escape from the known to the unknown. Travel is addictive and emotional. It is messy like a normal life, but exciting like there is no limit. While I took many quick trips around the USA as a kid and young adult, it took me 38 years of life to travel internationally. Why did it take so long? What was stopping me?

I took the typical path of getting college degrees, working my way up the ranks of the corporate world, and feeling unhappy. Work was not fulfilling me, and it was making me sick. I yearned for something more meaningful and something that made me happy. So at 38, I took my very first trip out of the country to Japan. While that was one of the greatest culture shocks I had ever had, it was the most incredible start to my travel journey. This is where I caught the travel bug that inspired the world trip, and the rest is history. I am free!

Aaron and Brianna posing at the top of the fortress in Omis, Croatia

What Travel Means to Me

For me, travel is more than climbing mountains and seeing monuments; it is about people. Sure, those other things are amazing too, but the human connection is the most inspiring. There is so much generosity and kindness around the world that no one sees. All they see on the news is terrible.

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Aaron hanging on a column in the Colosseum in Rome, Italy

I’ve made so many friends abroad and they not only inspired me, but I inspired them. They kept asking me questions about how I could travel for so long. Two of them were so blown away that they wanted to join us later in our trip. Some never dreamed that you could make it a long-term thing. Neither did I, originally.

Host family in Santiago Chile

Looking back at my younger self, I imagined I would need to make a million dollars so I could travel the world. That is not true. I met someone who traveled with next to nothing. He had mostly free lodging through Couchsurfing, and he provided massage therapy to earn enough money to buy food and transportation. If he could do it, what was stopping me? Had I known this when I was 25 instead of 38, my life would be so much different.

Aaron and Brianna posing with a couchsurfer, Leo, at Cannon Beach, Oregon

Why I’m Passionate About Helping Others

After seeing so many people who wonder how they could travel themselves, I am inspired to share everything I know so you can do the same. Many people get near the end of their life and wonder what happened to it all. What did they work all those years for? Possessions? A big house? That occasional two-week vacation? Life only happens once, and not everyone wants to spend it behind a computer screen. While travel isn’t for everyone, I know plenty who do want to do this. I knew I did not want to wait until I was 70 to see the world. The world is an amazing place. Why wait? There is no better time than now, as long as there is no pandemic, that is.

Travel Membership – The Pathway to Nomadic Freedom

In our new membership, we want to share our expertise in a focused forum dedicated to your progress so you can actually ACHIEVE this new lifestyle and not just dream about it.  We envision having the following:

  • In-depth lessons detailing each step toward a full-time travel lifestyle
  • Worksheets, guides, and checklists done for you to get you going faster
  • Itinerary coaching to help you plan any trip and use going forward
  • A forum to connect with like-minded nomads on the same journey

We want to help you through this journey together. You can find all the details of our membership here. The doors close to new members Friday, September 4th at 8:00pm PST. Beyond that date, you can sign up for the waitlist on the next launch. If I had this membership five years ago, I could have been living my travel dream much sooner instead of counting the days to my next two-week vacation. I am very passionate about making this a possibility for you because I love to travel so much and want to make it possible for others too. I look forward to seeing you there. 

Taking Flight

Brianna showing off the mountains in Torres Del Paine National Park

Final Thoughts

My journey to nomadic freedom was longer than it needed to be. There were so many obstacles in my head that were unfounded. I had to change my programming from climbing the corporate ladder to climbing mountains. There is so much more to life than making more money and buying more things. Travel has made me more compassionate towards others, given me hope in the human race, taught me more about myself than I ever knew, and fostered new friendships all over the world. It is the ultimate freedom and I want to share it with you.

A group of people jokingly playing instruments in a hostel in Omis, Croatia

Are you living the life of your dreams, or just watching life pass you by?

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