Southern Oregon Coast – West Coast Road Trip

Day 1

At the first stop on our journey to San Francisco, we stayed in Gold Beach Oregon as we intentionally wanted to go down the coastline to get there. It was about a 6 hour drive down, but we weren’t just racing to get to Gold Beach. We had a few stops before arriving that made this part of the trip special. The southern Oregon coast is magical and it would be a waste if we didn’t stop at some of the viewpoints. We’ve never visited this place in the world.

Cape Blanco State Park

Cape Blanco State Park

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Starting the drive in Portland we made our way down I-5 to get past all of the spots we have already been to and then cut over to the coast just past Eugene. This had us hitting the coastline near Reedsport, which is right near the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. This area is known for ATVs but can be quite beautiful and serene when they aren’t around. We did not stop here, but we did drive right by it with a view from the road. It would be worth a visit.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Photo by Michael Renfrow Creative Commons

Cape Blanco State Park

Driving further south along the coast, we stopped at Cape Blanco State Park. Knowing there was a lighthouse there (I love lighthouses), this was a must stop. While this was the center focus, there were many other things to do here. There are some small hiking trails and horse trails here, as well as beach access and some nice viewpoints. Once you are at the lighthouse, you can go inside and up all the stairs to the beautiful glass. It does cost a couple dollars per person to go in, but that is worth it to keep this historical place preserved. It is nearly 150 years old.

Cape Blanco Lighthouse
Cape Blanco Lighthouse
Cape Blanco Lighthouse

Port Orford Heads State Park

This was an easy stop off the highway and a quick mile-long hike to some wonderful views. We were excited to do this hike and were amazed at what we saw next. The water was an incredible deep turquoise color and there were some pretty awesome rock formations.

Port Orford Oregon

Otter Point State Recreational Area

The next stop was Otter Point which had some amazing sea cliffs, rock formations, and  viewpoints. There were also some sea caves and nearby beaches to really take in the beauty of the area.

Southern Oregon Coast near Gold Beach
Southern Oregon Coast - Gold Beach

This day was filled with excitement around every corner. We had an idea of what to expect after doing some basic research, but it turned out to be much more. Every new place was more eye-candy than the last and it just kept going. We would highly recommend checking this area out sometime and seeing it for yourself.

Next up – Road Trip: Drenched! Rogue River & Meyers Beach – Day 2

Have you ever been to the Southern Oregon Coast?  What was your experience? Let us know in the comments section.

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13 thoughts on “Southern Oregon Coast – West Coast Road Trip

  1. Living on the Oregon Coast, it’s always nice to see other’s images and words about the coast. Nicely done.

    1. Which part of the coast do you live on? We live in Oregon, but mostly stick to the north coast which is closer to home. The south coast has always been that unexplored part until we did this trip. It is hard to find a spot that isn’t beautiful. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. This is great! It’ll be my first time in Oregon this summer and we’re driving down to San Francisco too! Can’t wait to see day 2!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Taking the slow route down the coast is worth it if you can spare a few extra days to take in some of the epic locations. Day 2 will be out on Thursday and it is a fun story.

      1. Definitely taking your recommendations on board. I’ll keep an eye out for Thursday’s post 🙂

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