A tower in Trogir, Croatia

A Glimpse of Trogir

What town have you explored that was nearly empty?

We heard that Trogir Croatia is known as little Dubrovnik, as it has a lot of the same things, but is smaller. It is one of the most well preserved medieval towns and is stunningly beautiful. It is situated on a small island just off the Croatian mainland. The island is surrounded by walkways with boats and fishermen. The town is walled with several gates, just like Dubrovnik.

The castle in Trogir, Croatia

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View of Heidelberg from Philosophers Walk

Heidelberg Germany: The Perfect Fairytale Town

The town of Heidelberg is magical with its historic old town. With a hilltop castle and views along the Nekar river, we were completely blown away. There is something special about this place that made us feel like we were in a fairytale. The cobblestone streets and medieval architecture were a pleasant view into old Germany. It is a wonderful place for a romantic holiday and the perfect fairytale town.

Heidelberg Palace

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