A Glimpse of the Dublin National Gallery

Where have you found a cool art gallery?

We don’t usually frequent museums and galleries, but when one comes highly recommended, particularly as a free activity, we couldn’t pass it by.

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A Glimpse of the Museum of Free Derry

Where have you been that has the most interesting history?

We drove from our home base in Portadown to the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, to the city of Londonderry. Being a border town, it has witnessed a lot of tension between the two divisions of Ireland.

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A Taste of the British Museum

What awesome free things have you discovered in your travels?


When I saw images of the mesmerizing ceiling of the British Museum, I knew I had to visit if for no other reason. I was thrilled to learn that admission is completely free! (perfect for the budget traveler!)

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11 Things to Amaze You at the Frankfurt History Museum

With so many museums to choose from in Frankfurt, how does one prioritize?  Aaron wanted to visit the History Museum.  I was most drawn to the art of the Stadel or the cinema showcases of the Filmmuseum.  These are all discounted with a Frankfurt Card, so we figured we’d start with one and just go down the line; why not see them all?

Time wound up putting a stop to that idea, but we were fortunate to have started with what I think was the most interesting of them all – because it was the only one we actually had time to see.  It had so many fascinating exhibits to see, it’s no wonder we ended up spending an entire day there.

Here are 11 amazing reasons to visit the Historisches Museum Frankfurt.


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