A Glimpse of Valparaíso Street Art

Where is the best place in the world you’ve found for street art?


We saw lots of street art in Porto. We stumbled upon an entire painted alley in Ghent. We spent a day exploring the colorful streets of Shoreditch. We even have many murals sprinkled throughout our hometown of Portland.


But Valparaiso puts them all to shame.


This is an ENTIRE CITY of street art. It seemed that every expansive surface was a canvas. Walls, doors, stairs, poles. It was everywhere! We loved Valparaiso so much we visited twice.

We even found a painting of a cat we also saw in Porto – crazy!

But my favorites were the ones on the stairs. These often played both with the vertical space and with the distancing perspective when viewed from below. It’s all so beautiful!


Street art used to be illegal, and those caught politically expressing themselves through it were mysteriously “disappeared.” But with narrow alleys and winding streets, the rebellious culture thrived. Now, the practice is sanctioned, with businesses holding friendly competitions to produce the best murals.


And with the constant need for expression, you can be assured the city’s tapestry is constantly changing; there’s always something new to discover!


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