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Traveling the world is a dream I have always had. It is something I’ve always believed only the rich and famous could do.  That is simply not true, and I’m more ready than ever to get out there and spread my wings.


The last time I truly felt free was my last summer vacation before I started working. Aside from having to do chores, I could do just about anything I wanted. Play video games, go for a bike ride, play basketball, or go to the mall with my friends. The sky was the limit. Today I feel bound by a job that gets in the way of what I really want to do. I love the freedom that travel provides you and the adventure waiting around every corner. No more cubicle, just the things you can carry on your back and your camera. No more staring at a screen each day doing the same boring things. Every day will be different.


World Education

Each country will have its own unique culture, landscape and climate that will be very different than where I have spent most of my life. I will have to learn new languages, customs, history and perspective on life. These differences will show me that the world I live in has so many possibilities and not just the set I’ve been branded with since birth.

They will also have different levels of wealth and poverty. I grew up on welfare and then with my Mom taking a grocery clerk job after my Dad divorced her. While that might be rough, that lifestyle would likely be a luxury in some poorer countries. These world travel experiences will make me appreciate what I have in the U.S. more than I do now, and I’m hoping it shows me that there are places that are even better to live and work in. Everyone thinks their country is the best in the world. I think each country can be the best or worst depending on the individual.

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Gap Retirement

While many people wait to travel until they are old and retired, I would rather do this while I’m still physically able to do so.  Why wait? My parents both left this world at young ages (43 and 61).  Did they get their chance?  You never know what will happen. Besides that, I also think this will change me by allowing me to express my creativity more with my videos and storytelling.  I may choose a completely different life when I get back.


What I look forward to most in going to a new place is food! Especially if it is not like anything I have ever known. Food is more than just eating, it is the heightening of the senses. It is the preparation, the smells, the display and how that all comes together as you eat it. While traveling I am always thinking about my next meal. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.


World experience is like the plot to a Hollywood movie. You establish yourself in a new place, meet new friends, try some new crazy things you would never dream about, have some kind tragedy (all hope is lost), and then somehow everything works out in the end. I know it won’t be peaches and cream the whole trip, but when bad or good things happen, you have a great story to tell.  It is a better story than “I worked in accounting for 45 years and am great at my debits and credits.”

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Guilty as charged! I like to spend money. It would be great if I was forced to be frugal for a while and this experience will make me to do that. The more frugal I am, the longer we can travel. It is as simple as that! We will be staying in hostels, taking buses, walking, eating cheap street food, washing clothes in the sink. We will have few possessions on us, and will wait for the cheapest day to fly to the next country. If we can do odd jobs or house sit for people, farm, or anything else to make a little along the way we will do that as well. This will help me create better habits for saving when I get back to my working life.

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Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I know this will be challenging, but being challenged is much better than being bored.  There is a thrill in success after you figure things out. I remember in Japan going in the exit at a grocery store. I’m not used to having a distinct entrance and exit aside from which sliding door opens or doesn’t. So I fought my way in the store that way and it was embarrassing. I learned quickly and didn’t do it again. Mistakes shape you into who you are just as much as success does. Also it is fun to get lost and have to ask for directions. This will improve your confidence as well.

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Like I mentioned earlier, I want my life to be different and more fulfilling when I get back “home”. I am seeking inspiration from other places to help shape me into a better, happier and more complete person. It is like childhood all over again or a big Choose Your Own Adventure game.

What adventure will you choose? Tell us why you want to travel in the comments section.

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