A Glimpse of Cabo da Roca

What dramatic landscape moved you?

After touring Sintra and Pena Castle, we headed out to the coast of Portugal to visit Cabo da Roca. This stunning coastline has steep cliffs, dramatic rock formations, and even a lighthouse. We explored many pathways and loved the views around every corner. What we didn’t know was that we were at another edge of the world, the westernmost point of Europe. Bonus! There were many trails to explore, and the surrounding views just didn’t get old.

Cabo da Roca Portugal Westernmost Point of Europe Lighthouse

Cabo da Roca has historical importance as it used to house a fort that protected Sintra from invaders. There are few remnants of the fort, but the lighthouse still stands.

Aaron found a way to hover while having his picture taken. I am not sure how he obtained such superpowers, but flying is now one of them. We walked on many paths and kept finding views that seemed better than the last. A friend we met on Couchsurfing enjoyed the adventures with us. This was the last part of the day we spent with her in Sintra. We enjoy making friends on the road while we are away from our own family and friends.

Cabo da Roca Portugal Succulents on the Sea

Looking down, we saw these colorful succulents. They contrasted the turquoise blue waters and the brown rocky coastline very well. We first saw these in South Africa where they looked otherworldly to us, but are actually very common in drier climates.

Cabo da Roca Portugal Westernmost Point of Europe Marker

This monument marks the westernmost point of Europe. We enjoy making it to the various edges of the world, and this was no exception.

Cabo da Roca Portugal Westernmost Point of Europe

As the Sintra mountains meet the sea, the water erodes the coastline forming these iconic rock formations. They reminded me of home in a different part of the world. I feel something spiritual whenever I see things that seem larger than life. The fresh sea air, the warm breeze, and the sounds of the waves crashing created the perfect moment.

Cabo da Roca Portugal Westernmost Point of Europe

The places where the mountains meet the sea are some of the most spectacular and memorable. Cabo da Roca is amazing.

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