A winding road on the coast in Tivat, Montenegro

A Glimpse of Tivat

What place has a friend recommended that you found to be amazing?

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In Montenegro, our hosts introduced us to an Irish couple that gave us some tips on the area and showed us some outstanding places. Tivat was one of those places. We met them for some lunch before exploring the rest of the town. It is fun to walk, and we especially enjoyed getting close to nature at the Big City Park. Right on the water, Tivat also has some lovely beaches and a harbor full of enormous yachts.

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A griffen statue at the Trsat Castle in Rijeka, Croatia

A Glimpse of Rijeka Croatia

When have you deviated plans to visit a new place?

Rijeka was not part of our original plans, but as we travel long-term, our plans change. We landed a house sitting opportunity in Switzerland, so we had to go from Montenegro all the way back north to get there. So we stopped in Zadar to visit Plitvice Lakes and then moved up to Rijeka where we would eventually depart our beloved country Croatia.

A clergyman statue outside a church in Rijeka, Croatia
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The afternoon view of Herceg Novi in Montenegro

A Glimpse of Herceg-Novi Montenegro

What inspires you most to travel?

Herceg-Novi Montenegro is a quaint little town that is nearly empty outside of the peak summer months. We visited in December and had it all to ourselves. This is where we stayed in a stone home watching three cats for a couple of weeks. It is a beautiful area, and we love the dramatic mountains along the bay.

The oceanside view of Herceg Novi in Montenegro

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The view of Kotor, Montenegro, from atop the hill

A Glimpse of Kotor

Do you want to visit a medieval town?

Kotor is one of the most well-preserved medieval towns near the Adriatic sea and is an Unesco Heritage site. We visited in December and the weather was perfect. The drive there from Herceg-Novi is stunning with the beautiful waters and dramatic mountains. There also loads of street cats around looking for a bit of love and maybe even a treat. We loved everything about this town!

Cathedral of Saint Tryphon

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The Kotor fortress ruins in Montenegro

A Glimpse of Kotor’s Castle of San Giovanni

What tourist attraction have you avoided having to pay the entry fee?

Kotor was one of our favorite places during our visit to Montenegro. It is a charming little walled city with a Fortress and Castle just above it. We visited in December and had this place mostly to ourselves. The climb up to San Giovanni Castle was amazing with such mind-blowing views from the top. It also is a unique trek with zig-zagging pathways all the way up the hillside. The trip is well worth the 1,350 steps to the top. And somehow we also didn’t have to pay the entry fee.


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The front patio of the stone house we stayed in in Montenegro

A Glimpse of Cat-Sitting in a Stone House in Montenegro

What unusual place have you stayed in?

We had an opportunity to watch some kitties in Montenegro in exchange for lodging, so we jumped on it. This stay was more of an adventure than our typical cat sit. The home is made of stone, has multiple buildings, and the couple who owns it just moved in recently. They hadn’t worked out all the bugs of their new home upon our arrival. Let’s just say we had a few obstacles to work through when we arrived, but that was part of the fun. We were excited to stay in such a unique place in such a fantastic location in Montenegro.


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Orange tabby Captain Ahab in a cat loaf at a catsit in Montenegro

A Glimpse of House Sitting in Montenegro – Captain Ahab

What experience do you have with caring for a sick pet?

We watched three kitties for two weeks in Montenegro with TrustedHousesitters. This website allows you to find accommodation in exchange for watching pets. It is our favorite way to see a new place in the home of a local. While we were there, the unexpected happened when we noticed one kitty had labored breathing. It seemed to get worse, and we had no way of contacting the owners in China. So we had to take action and took Captain Ahab to the vet.


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The fortress in Dubrovnik, Croatia

A Glimpse of Dubrovnik Harbors

What unique harbor have you visited?

Dubrovnik Croatia has multiple harbors, and we liked each for different reasons. One is the west harbor which has some stunning views of both the fortress and the city walls. It is also Blackwater Bay in the popular Game of Thrones series. There is also a second main harbor near the Pile Gate on the south end of town. It has many benches and is a wonderful place to watch a sunset or even a storm. We love being near the water and enjoyed both places.

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Peeking out at the houses through a hole the wall of Dubrovnik, Croatia

A Glimpse of Fortress Lovrijenac

Where was your last eye candy view?

Fortress Lovrijenac is a special place in Dubrovnik with loads of history. This is the best spot to get a photo of the entire walled Old Town of Dubrovnik Croatia. The views from this fort are pure eye candy with the turquoise blue waters below and the old city walls. It also is a Game of Thrones filming location where they filmed the scenes of the Red Keep in King’s Landing. We loved it!

A cannon at the fortress in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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The courtyard of the Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik, Croatia

A Glimpse of Rector’s Palace

What history museum fascinated you?

We visited Rector’s Palace in Dubrovnik in late November. This palace is a Game of Thrones location, so we had to stop by. The inner stairway and columns were used in the scene where Daenerys meets the spice king in Quarth. Today, the palace is home to a cultural history museum where we got a taste of the city’s history. It also hosts musical events in a concert hall.

The Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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