A Glimpse of Guanacos

What animals have you met during your travels?

When we first went to Torres Del Paine National Park, we were told guanaco sightings were rare. I have no idea where we read that, but they were dead wrong; we saw them everywhere!


They first surprised us on the trail, and we stumbled upon a huge herd as we were just driving through the park. They calmly munched on the golden grass until something spooked them all into a hasty retreat.. after which they’d gradually return.


A couple troublemakers chased another individual here and there, running them clear out of the valley.


But most entertaining were the few taking dust baths. Just seeing these gangly creatures rolling around on their backs in the dirt – long legs in the air – was enough to make us laugh. What funny creatures!


We also got the chance to try guanaco meat at some of the local restaurants, and like most game animals, it tasted very similar to beef. However, I think we prefer to see them in the park than on the plate!


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