A Glimpse of Irish Pubs

Where is the coolest place you’ve had a drink?

We couldn’t go to Dublin without stopping into a traditional Irish pub. Wonderful, boisterous atmosphere, Guinness by the pint, classic fish ‘n’ chips, and of course, live Irish music.


Our host clued us in on the best spot for an authentic experience: Darkey Kelly’s. We loved it so much we went back a second time!

Next time we’re in the area, we hope to make it out to the oldest pub in the world: Sean’s Bar!


While I don’t really drink beer (gasp!), Aaron was in heaven (and they had a cider for me). Even if you don’t drink, just walking into these pubs is must, purely for the sounds and energy.


Our favorite bands were those with the upbeat Irish jigs. And we were most impressed by the flute player, who also quite skilled on a variety of pipes, including the uilleann pipes.


These are very similar in appearance to Scottish bagpipes, except the bag is inflated with the elbow, freeing the player’s mouth to sing along with the crowd!


After a couple nights of these joyous tunes, it was difficult to not dance along!

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