A Glimpse of Port Wine

Where was the last place you went wine tasting?

Before we arrived in Portugal we knew we wanted to try some local port wine. We have had the imported blend in the States, but there was usually only one or two options. We spent an evening in Porto trying various wines and enjoying the pleasant views along the Douro River. The weather was perfect, and the wines were amazing.

View of Porto Portugal from Gaia

We walked over the Dom Luis I Bridge to Gaia, where many of the local port cellars are located, and wine tasting is abundant. There we tried different port wines and even discovered port tonics, which is a port wine with tonic water. The port tonics were sold on the street in little carts and they were so inexpensive that we just kept getting them. We enjoyed these while watching the sunset.

Aaron Shade holding two port tonics in Gaia

Port wine is a sweet red wine that is sold as a dessert wine.  In the European Union, port wine can only be called port if it is from the Douro region of Portugal. In the United States, it doesn’t matter where it comes from as they do not have the same restriction.

Sunset in Garden of Morro

People spread around the Garden of Morro park to enjoy the sunset in Gaia. Like most of Europe, drinking in public is not a problem.

Sunset with travel kitties @shadykitties

Holee and Mochi pose for a picture near the Dom Luis I Bridge.

Sunset view from Garden of Morro Gaia Portugal

We look forward to visiting Porto again someday. The wine is fantastic, and these views are incredible. Did you know that before 1986, they could only export port wine from Gaia and never from Porto?

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