A Glimpse of Porto

Have you ever had port wine, and if so, did you know where it came from?

After touring Sintra and Lisbon Portugal, we wanted to visit Porto because we heard so many good things about it. It is a lovely smaller town with many restaurants, walkways, street art, and port wine. We walked much of Porto’s waterfront and crossed the iconic Dom Luís I Bridge. Porto has a lot of historical significance and rich culture.

Street Art in Porto Portugal

The Clérigos Tower stands at 76 meters high and offers expansive views of the city. While we did not climb the tower, we enjoyed the chimes. Built in 1750, this was the tallest building in Porto for centuries. There are 240 steps to reach the top of the tower which is a bit of exercise but nothing like the Cologne Cathedral. We opted not to climb it as we climbed so many other towers. The tower can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.

Clérigos Tower in Porto Portugal

Liberdade Square is the main square of Porto and has many statues and combines old Porto to the new. It brings together people for celebrations, protests, or any other important gatherings. When we walked through the square, there were lots of people, street performers, shops, and restaurants.

The Jardim das Virtudes (Garden of the Virtues) was an enjoyable park to walk. The views from this place are amazing and so are some statues. Aaron is wearing his angel suit in the park.

Jardim das Virtudes (Garden of the Virtues)

Mercado Ferreira Borges is an indoor market with shops, a restaurant, and a nightclub. We stopped in there just to check it out and get a feel for the local culture.

Mercado Ferreira Borges

Wandering the streets is the best way to get a feel for a new place. In Porto, this was no exception. We found street art, colorful alleyways, and even a street cat or two. As Porto has many hills, the stairs were a welcome sight.

Porto Portugal from Above

There is much more from Porto coming up in future tastes, so stay tuned.

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