A Glimpse of the Londonderry City Walls

Have you ever walked along city walls?

Londonderry is the only completely intact walled city left in the island of Ireland. It also happens to be on the oldest continuously inhabited cities.

These city walls have never been breached, having withstood several sieges. As such, Derry is sometimes called the Maiden City. Additionally, it has an impressive collection of cannons lining the fortifications.


The walls have really become a part of the city rather than containing it. People walk along it as a convenient commuting route, and a performance venue can only be accessed from atop it. Roads go through it and even over it, and from some angles, you wouldn’t even realize it was there.

We walked almost the entire mile-long circumference to take in the views of the city from all sides. Really, this is one of the best ways to see a city!


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