A Glimpse of Tierra Del Fuego

What national park left you somewhat underwhelmed?

After incredible places like Torres Del Paine and Fitz Roy, we were excited to see what the Tierra Del Fuego National Park had to offer. After all, this is Patagonia!


But when we arrived, it just wasn’t as blow-your-socks-off beautiful as the rest. This park is more about the location than what it contains.


However, we still enjoyed our time there! While most people hike the route between the two primary bus stops, we chose to go to the farther stop and hike north from there. This got us away from others, and we had the trail mostly to ourselves.


We walked along the enormous lake right on the edge of the water. We ditched any remaining trailmates once we hit a treefall blocking the path and climbed beyond it.

In fact, we hiked clear to the Chile border before turning around. Though only a sign implored us to turn around, we were satisfied with the claim of hiking to Chile.


If you visit this park, don’t forget your passport. If you ask in the visitor center, they’ll give you a stamp for the “Land of Fire.” Since I forgot mine, we made sure to get an “End of the World” stamp in Ushuaia instead.


The hike earned us some brews and a tasty Argentinian pizza!

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