A Taste of Frankfurt’s Main Tower

Where is your favorite high-rise viewpoint?

The Main Tower is a really cool way to take in the sights of the city of Frankfurt, Germany (and it was discounted with the Frankfurt Card). This 200m skyscraper is the fourth tallest in Germany (the other top three tallest buildings are also in Frankfurt), and it’s the only one with a public viewing deck.


Seeing Frankfurt from above really highlights the adorable architecture! Am I the only one who looks at these buildings and think they look like lego constructions?

When we visited the tower for sunset, there was actually a thunderstorm rolling in. About 10 minutes after we arrived, we were shooed back inside due to the storm, and we were so bummed we barely got to enjoy any of it. We were worried we had wasted our admission tickets.


However, after another 10 minutes of waiting, they let us back outside onto the deck. There, we not only got to see the city far below, but we could enjoy the distant lightning! Fortunately, it never struck the building.


We didn’t get the sunset we were hoping for, and we even got a bit wet from the light rain, but the view was worth it!

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2 thoughts on “A Taste of Frankfurt’s Main Tower

  1. So cool getting to see a thunderstorm with that sort of view, I experienced similar at Dallas’ reunion tower and it was fun to witness 🙂

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