A Taste of Holland Windmills

What’s a funny mistake you’ve made in your travels?

Holland is known for their windmills. We wanted to photograph some while we were there, but we weren’t too keen on going all the way out to Kinderdijk (the crowds it also draws didn’t sound too appealing, either).


Instead, we opted for the walkable Schiedam. While there are fewer windmills here, this area is home to the largest windmills in the world. These five were enough to keep us occupied, so we don’t feel like we missed out on anything.

We also happened to get caught in a rainstorm (see those clouds?). We took some meager shelter under some weeping willows, but it only moderately helped. While we’re usually prepared for any weather, Aaron forgot his jacket this once and wound up completely drenched. At least we can laugh about it now!

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