A Taste of Taunton

What’s a fun little town you’ve discovered during your travels?

Taunton is a tiny town in the UK that isn’t usually on any traveler’s radar. However, it has its own British charm (and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the planet Hoth).

We found several cute churches, a wonderful little old town, and even a large park with a unique grove of interlocking branches. We wandered the winding streets, across a river, and along a wall of street art. We didn’t need a lot of time to see the town, but it was a welcome quiet break from the hustle and bustle of big London.

Honestly, the only thing that brought us to the area was securing our very first cat-sit. It was only for a couple of nights, but it was an excellent introduction to what would become our favorite type of lodging during our travels. Jack and Mr. Purrkins (yep :3) were welcome companions, and our host was an absolute hoot. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we love finding more cats to love all around the world!

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