A Taste of the Clifton Bridge

What “stupid tourist” moment have you had recently?

One of the highlights of Bristol is its Clifton Observatory and its similarly named suspension bridge.


We first scaled the hill on this particularly spectacular day to take in the views of the bridge and the gorge below. Many residents were picnicking atop the rise, and we just enjoyed the sun in the otherwise cloudy UK for a bit.


But seeing the bridge wasn’t enough; we couldn’t resist actually crossing it, too – am I the only one?


But first we took a slide down the polished rocky incline. Admittedly, this was more at my insistence, having seen several other people partake in the fun. We couldn’t just let others enjoy it all!  Would you slide, too?


Crossing the Clifton Suspension Bridge gave us more beautiful views to gawk at, and we even witnessed a few hot air balloons in the distance.


It wasn’t a very exciting activity, but it didn’t need to be. After all the craziness of London, it was a relief to take a more relaxed afternoon. And it was free, which is always a plus!


Oh, and there was a really tasty burger joint on the way, where we got to be stupid tourists by requesting ranch to go with our fries. The poor girl had no idea what we were asking for, had to call her manager over – despite our “never mind” insistence – and ended up just bringing us one of each of their sauces.


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3 thoughts on “A Taste of the Clifton Bridge

  1. Your “ranch” moment reminded me of the first time I visited downtown Vancouver, BC. I stopped into a small pizza shop. Seeing the choices, I pointed to the Hawaiian pie and asked for a slice of Canadian bacon and pineapple.

    The woman behind the counter gave me an incredulous, quizzical look. “You mean ham?”, she asked suspiciously.

    I can only hope my look of surprised embarrassment convinced her I was just clueless, as opposed to mean-spirited.

    1. Haha!! Aw man, that’s great! Reminds me of our conversation with one of our Brit friends about the difference between crumpets and “English muffins” – that they obviously just call “muffins” 😀

      1. My wife’s college buddy studied in the UK for a while. During her first trip to a proper pub, she backed up to a radiator and let out a yelp. When they asked her if she was okay, she replied, “Oh, I’m fine, I just burned my fanny!”

        “What did you say?”, they exclaimed, and when she repeated her answer, their alarmed stares clued her in to the fact that “fanny” does not mean the same thing in British English.

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