A Taste of the Gravensteen Castle

What is the best tour you’ve ever been on?


The Gravensteen Castle is a popular attraction in Ghent, and we almost passed it by as just another touristy thing to do. After all, we could see quite a bit of it from the outside.

However, we’re so glad we went inside! Admission includes an audio device for a self-guided tour in multiple languages. We’d had a few of those by this time, so we expected another flat voice yapping on about “here’s the dungeon” and “here’s where the king ate breakfast.” The history with those are interesting, but it’s barely a step up from a placard with the discomfort of headphones that are always too large for my head.


Instead, we were thrilled to discover that the entire audio track was recorded by a local comedian, lending a far more jovial atmosphere to the entire tour. We looked forward to the next audio hot spot as we listened to satirical renditions of affairs and crusades, saw where the count pooped and the devices used in the torture chamber. We left better informed and thoroughly entertained!

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4 thoughts on “A Taste of the Gravensteen Castle

    1. Oh no! We didn’t get into Wales this time around (another thing for our next trip), but we loved the audio tour for this castle! I truly wish they were all like that!

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