Bluest Lake You Have Ever Seen – Crater Lake Oregon

We tried to get some pictures of Crater Lake on our first night there. It didn’t work out so well as the snow rolled in. It was cold and very windy. You never truly know what to expect when you attempt to photograph a sunset, but that is part of the adventure, right?

After freezing long enough and accepting the snow and fog wouldn’t clear, we went back to our cozy rooms nearby. The next day we hit up some waterfalls knowing that at the end of the day we would be at it again, hoping for that sunset. It happened! We drove all around the lake searching for the perfect spot, and then magic. There was an old dead tree that made the perfect foreground to our picture of the lake. Each photographer had their own perspective and special angle on the lake. My take was video, so you can see all of the crazy photographers huddled around a tree in this video. After sunset, we stopped by the lodge for a well-deserved drink and waited for the stars to come out to take some night shots.

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