Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal

A Glimpse of Pena Palace

What is the most colorful landmark you have visited?

Sintra was one of our favorite places to visit in Portugal. There we found Pena Palace, where we were blown away with the colors of this magical place. We only had a day to visit but made the most of it. This is a must-see if you end up in Lisbon. Could you imagine living here?

Pena Palace Sintra Portugal

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40 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Portugal

Wherever we travel, we’re always in search of the best pictures.  After all, we love all the pretty things!  We spent two weeks exploring Portugal, and while there’s so much more we wish to see, we experienced enough to safely declare that we love it!  We know you’ll fall in love with Portugal as well, especially with the help of these photos.

Large rocks in the ocean at the coast of Cabo da Roca in Portugal

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A Glimpse of Belem Tower

What are some of the most memorable landmarks you’ve visited in your travels?

No Lisbon catalog is complete without some photos of the iconic Belem Tower. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, it serves as the unofficial gatekeeper of Lisbon. It was built to fortify the harbor, but it was left incomplete for many years when the original king who ordered it died.


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A Glimpse of Seixal

Where have you been able to stay with some cool locals?

During our travels, we sometimes come across some truly phenomenal couchsurfers.  We had one such host in Dublin, and we had another in Santiago.  Lisbon, Portugal was no exception.


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A Glimpse of Lisbon

Where did you visit where you first had a language barrier?

After a long haul in the UK and Ireland, we had grown somewhat comfortable.  Sure, we encountered some thick accents, and some terminology differed, but locals there still spoke the same language.  It barely felt like we were still traveling.

But with a single flight, that all changed, and we were suddenly thrust into once again not knowing what others were saying.  It pushed us out of our comfort zone, and we were truly traveling again.  Welcome to Lisbon.

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Waves crashing on a sandy beach at Santa Cruz, Portugal

A Glimpse of Santa Cruz

What is the best place you’ve visited on someone else’s recommendation?

We’ve finished with South America, so we’re circling back to what we skipped before: the rest of Europe!

We had heard a lot about Portugal before our first visit, but most of the stories hailed from either Porto or Lisbon.  So when our Lisbon Servas hosts recommended a small beach town – Santa Cruz – we were excited to check it out.


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